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What Are Instagram Followers Looking For?

Many people that are looking to make big waves on Instagram are asking themselves the same question: How can one get more Instagram followers? Some use services to buy Instagram followers, which can absolutely help to get people in the door, but if there is no quality content then it will not work out in the long run.

In order to know how to grow Instagram followers, first one must ask the right question. Instead of thinking how to get more followers, shift the mindset to the followers. The question that should be posed first is: What are Instagram followers looking for?

Asking this question will lead to better results because people follow Instagram users to meet a need or want of theirs. The most popular pages appeal to one of the categories that Instagram followers are looking for. Below is a list of just a few popular niches on Instagram today.

Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

The most popular trend on all social media outlets is related to health and fitness. Everyone is attempting to make themselves better, or at least wants to watch other people try. It can be a huge task to be healthy with the chemicals in foods and the mass production of just about any snack imaginable.

In addition to the struggle to navigate the bad food, there are plenty of products that misconstrue their products and healthy when they are no better. This confusion that many people have leads to frustration. For this reason, people are flocking to healthy lifestyle Instagram pages to try and learn what is truly healthy.

Another aspect of the healthy lifestyle is fitness. Followers are always looking for a great workout they can fit into their busy lifestyles. This means that how to and simple workouts that pack in a lot of fat burning are a great way to appeal to this market.


In addition to being healthy, people want to look their best. Beauty has always been big on social media, and Instagram is no exception. With photos being the main use of Instagram, it lends itself to the fashion industry and fashionistas everywhere.

Many followers are seeking cheap ways to look expensive and keep up with the constantly changing fashion seasons. Tips as to where they can find a great steal or tricks that are out of the box are great ways to appeal to this market.

Sashay all the way to more followers.


Travel is the new big sector of the Instagram market and has many millennials running off to faraway lands. The key in this market is to know what type of follower to appeal to and try to show something not everyone has seen. If the plan is to go to the Eiffel tower in Paris, that may not get too many followers since the area is saturated with tourists. However, the pyramids in Egypt will elicit more people to tune in.

After you select locations to peak interest, consider what style to travel in. There are the luxurious spa people, the cultural expeditions, and the backpackers. It is ok to be somewhere in between (after all most followers are too).

Whatever niche is most appealing, ensure that the content is quality and always have the followers in mind.

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