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The Perfect Photo for Any Insta Page

Instagram is a world where photos are everything. Taking a great picture is the goal, but not everyone knows how to get that amazing shot of his or her morning cup of coffee. In order to get Instagram likes, in addition to buying likes, you have to know how to get a picture worth liking. So let’s look at how the get a perfect Instagram picture.

Take your time

Sometimes, we feel that immediate gratification is everything. Instead of taking a mediocre picture, take your time to find the right moment to take a great photo. When you ensure quality over quantity in your feed, your followers will notice. It says that you have pride, but also makes these amazing pictures appear effortless (even though you know they aren’t).

Have a focus

Pictures should always have a focus in mind. Whether it is an object or person, try to ensure there is a main object for the viewer to look at. If not it can appear to busy and chaotic which will leave followers uneasy.

Bird’s eye

A great angle to choose is a bird’s eye view. People love to see through a camera what they can’t with their own eyes. Drones can help with this, but you can get some angles using selfie sticks or other makeshift devices. Try to get the picture that followers can get if they simply stand there.

Color contrast

Contrasting colors is another great technique to use when getting your perfect picture. Dark and light or neutral with bright are great ways to give your viewer the focus of the picture and keep it simple and clean looking.

Edit for a cleaner look

As mentioned above, many followers are seeking photos that have a clean look. This is especially true when it is a picture of things in the home. For this reason, there are editing tools that you can use to brighten backgrounds. For instance, with an app called Snapseed, I can brighten and whiten backgrounds to appear more washed out or create a stronger contrast.

Don’t over edit

Most Instagram followers edit themselves and can tell when a picture is edited too much. People want to see real and genuine opportunities for good photography. If you distort the picture, it will appear that you aren’t professional and don’t take the time to get a good shot in the first place.

Patterns and props

Patterned backgrounds or clothing can make you Inst pic pop out in a follower’s feed. Try to make sure, however, that the pattern is surrounded by neutral colors or negative space.

Props are also great tools to use when taking a photo. Adding flowers, for example, is a great way to jazz up any picture. If you want to highlight a new bag, put makeup items or a wallet to the side to add a bit of context while leaving the bag as the focus. When taking pictures of you, accessories can elevate a photo.

So keep taking pictures and try out some of these strategies to kick your Insta page up a notch.

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