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Instagram can be a source of inspiration and can change people’s lives. Don’t believe me? Well, I’m the proof! Most people want to know how to increase followers on Instagram or how to buy likes. These are both good topics and for sure I’ve spent time researching how to increase followers and have even bought some Instagram followers. But here I would like to explore the beneficial effects of Instagram on individuals.

The Insta community is just that – a community filled with people looking to share their thoughts, ideas, and businesses with others that are like- minded. There are many communities within Instagram that you can explore. For me, the community that I most resonated with was the travel blogger community.

Travel is an inspirational concept in and of itself. You get to see different places, meet new people, and discover a unique perspective. I joined the Peace Corps years ago and had my very first travel experience living in South America for two years. I loved it so much that I decided to extend my time and stayed an additional year. I even married a man from my country of service!

When I returned to the US, Instagram was extremely popular and I began to casually use it to see what friends were up to. However, as I dug my feet into American soil, I began to feel sad and struggled with the everyday stress of trying to live the American dream. I needed to get a job with a certain salary that could afford the car and apartment I thought I needed. My husband and I slowly realized that the lifestyle we were thrust into was not the one we wanted.

If that was the case, then what kind of life did we want to build for ourselves? Instagram helped give me the answer. As we researched and looked into alternative lifestyles to find the right one for our future, we used Instagram to get our answers. We were most inspired by travel bloggers and those that were seminomadic. We even found families that travelled the world full time. Once I saw that, I knew it was what we wanted.

When I looked at how to have that type of life, I noticed many of these travelers were also minimalists. Another community opened up through Instagram. We decided to become minimalists that were semi nomadic. The US would be our home base, but we would travel the world in pursuit of adventure, culture, and amazing food.

When I got sick, Instagram helped us look at natural remedies that I could use to get better. I found so many other women that were struggling with the same issue. It made me feel less alone and confused. Instagram gave me the confidence to try a holistic approach to healing.

All of these components to my life, how I wanted to conduct myself and create my future, were all inspired by Instagram. While some may think Instagram is shallow and has no good value for mankind. I beg to differ. When used right, Instagram can be a powerful tool.

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